Love is the Light in Heart

Calligraphy, Geometric
About This Project

Rumi’s “Love is the Light in Heart” Exhibition, 2023

Iranian born Fariba Abedin’s work explores geometric abstraction in appreciation of nature and science, color and geometry.

Abedin’s Geomet-Rumi series is a visual conjunction of geometry, calligraphy and literature, specifically the poems of Mawlana Rumi.  Rumi was a 13th-century Persian Sufi Mystic poet, whose tolerance and passion for humanity fascinated Abedin and deepened her experience of the world.

Similar to Rumi, Abedin’s artistic inspiration comes from her own personal, intellectual and spiritual journey, her colorful geometric art speaks to the soul of all mankind, conveying a message of love, beauty, and peace.

The exhibition showcases the visual art, related poetry reading, Persian classical music, and Persian swirl dancing to captivate the audience visually and spiritually.



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