Harmony Through Light and Color

Fariba Abedin, Work on Paper, 154-6, water color on paper, 52x52, 1-2016

Color Studies

Color is never absolute and always finds meaning in relationship to other colors and how they are affected by their surrounding environments.  For this reason, color is considered to be the most relative medium in art.  Every painting has its own temperature based on the color palette.


Color affects us on a deep subconscious level by directly influencing the soul, and eliciting feelings and experiences as exciting and transformative as a human touch.

Perception #87-89, crylic on wood panel. 82x82

Geometric Abstraction

Geometric abstraction is a non-representational art form.  In geometry, angles and shapes can be orchestrated in ways to produce visual symphonies.


The circle embodies the mathematical principles found throughout creation.  They reveal the inner workings of nature and the inherent order of the universe.  The square embodies the four elements of life, wind, water, earth, and fire; the governing foundations of life.


Images made of circle and squares expand our way of thinking, and bring about certain wisdom of universal knowledge and a deeper understanding of human consciousness.

Light Field 161, acrylic on wood panel, 36x36, 3-2016


“Fariba Abedin’s paintings dissect light into its prismatic components. She then re-configures these component colors into sometimes large-scale compositions.


Reminiscent of early Bauhaus concepts, especially ideas by Johannes Itten in his book “The Art of Color”, Abedin goes beyond the original Bauhaus premises and articulates novel geometric color fields of her own provenance.”  By; Volker Eisele

Color          Geometry          Light


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